Bearville Bear Diva Anniversary

This is a late post but it was the anniversary of this blog back on December 2nd. As you probably know I’ve been pretty inactive on this blog and my fantage blog so I totally forgot to post this on the actual anniversary. When I started this blog a year ago I was not expecting to have bearville announce they were going to shut down a month later but it did sadly. There is really nothing to post on this blog anymore though with BV closed so there will probably not be anymore posts on this blog maybe a BV memory once in a blue moon but nothing really. This blog had a nice 4 months until bearville closed, but after those four months I really had nothing left to say about BV and I still don’t. But anyway ttyl (well maybe).


One thought on “Bearville Bear Diva Anniversary

  1. Happy late anniversary! 🙂
    Yeah…there’s really not a lot to do with BV blogging now that BV’s gone. :/ That’s why I wanted to move to Fantage blogging so quickly… 😛

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