BV memory #1

Well here is my first BV memory so here it goes….. I remember I made an BV account back in 2009 I only went on it once or twice then my friend got me back into BV and we played everyday together, I totally forgot about my first character (alainaangel114) and made a new one abby4leafclover14244. I played bearville all the time with my friend everyday until she moved away (but we are still in touch 🙂 ). I know we could have played BV together but it was not the same we uses to play in the same room or talk to each other in school for a good time to come on neither of us had phones back then and we had no clue how to use are parents phones so yeahhhh. I started to not play BV anymore really after that I would come on from time to time like over spring, winter, or summer break but not really at all. Well obviously I started playing again or I would not be posted this or even have this blog but that is another story for another BV memory 🙂


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