Bearville Bear Diva Anniversary

This is a late post but it was the anniversary of this blog back on December 2nd. As you probably know I’ve been pretty inactive on this blog and my fantage blog so I totally forgot to post this on the actual anniversary. When I started this blog a year ago I was not expecting to have bearville announce they were going to shut down a month later but it did sadly. There is really nothing to post on this blog anymore though with BV closed so there will probably not be anymore posts on this blog maybe a BV memory once in a blue moon but nothing really. This blog had a nice 4 months until bearville closed, but after those four months I really had nothing left to say about BV and I still don’t. But anyway ttyl (well maybe).


BV memory #4

.    I never really played bearville often after the summer of 2011 until late November of 2014. I mean I was on everyonce and awhile but usually on breaks (spring break, thankgiving break, Christmas break, the summer) because I really had nothing else better to do. All I did was trade, because I was not a consistent player, therefore I never tried to make friends because those friendships would never really last. I was not on any forums because as I already said I hardly ever can on. I kind of wish, now that bearville is gone, that I spent more time on it because now I can never go on it again.

I started to be a consistent player right around the time the talk about bearville closing started. I did not really become consistent for that reason, actually it was because I joined bearville rainy days. I started to make friends on BV giving me the motivation to come on regularly. Yes the fact that BV was closing made me want to come on more, but as I said having friends on BV made it better and gave me a real reason to want to come on.

After the email came out about BV officially closing at the end of March of 2015. Tons of old players started to come on, a lot of them were just logging on because they wanted to go on one last time, meaning most did my care about their items. I got a scout sash and a Maxine hat out of a person in January because they told me they were not coming on ever again. It was a good time for gaining items that have always been on your wish list. It was also a very good time to get wanted items because bearville was putting old items back in stores! They were also doing a throwback Thursday every week giving out rare items, well some were just wanted. Most people I traded with around this time were trying to collect all the items they always wanted. Most saying thing such as “Bearville is closing you have to give me this” or “you are being mean beaville is about to close and you will not give it to me”. It was really annoying so I started to trade less and less around this time trying to avoid that.

Then beaville closed. I was going to stay up until midnight, when is closed but i was at my grandmas house because it was spring break and she did not have a computer so I was not able to. It did shut down at midnight and the website no longer exists.

I am still on bearville rainy days and I now played fantage. Most active membersfrom BRD started playing fantage actually, that is why I started playing.

That my memory for now ttyl -Diva


New Theme

How do you guys like the new theme of my blog? I was kind starting to dislike the other one so I decided to change it. Do not forget to check out BV memories #3.

Ttyl guys,



BV Memories #3

Sorry i have not been on. Sense bearville is over i have kind been forgetting about this blog. I was also really busy with school work too. For this BV memory i am going to post some pictures!!!! Enjoy 🙂

imagechloe and divaimageimageedit_12_8619031447last bearvillepicture with dragonmAXINE B DAYfeb banner ridecarnival


BV memory #2

After my friend moved I took a big break from BV.  I started to go on again but my character kept glitching and saying you needed to update adobe flash over and over even though it was up to date. I started to quit after that because I was a very annoyed. Around February of 2012 I created selenabeardiva740 along with my sister. We shared the character so we could get better things by logging on a lot. I do not really remember when but it was maybe a year and half later I believe that selenabeardiva740 became my chatacter because my sister went back to her Old one. I then did not come on until I joined a bunch of BV forums even if there were not active. That is how I found brd. The story to creating this blog is next but that is another memory for another BV memory.


BV memory #1

Well here is my first BV memory so here it goes….. I remember I made an BV account back in 2009 I only went on it once or twice then my friend got me back into BV and we played everyday together, I totally forgot about my first character (alainaangel114) and made a new one abby4leafclover14244. I played bearville all the time with my friend everyday until she moved away (but we are still in touch 🙂 ). I know we could have played BV together but it was not the same we uses to play in the same room or talk to each other in school for a good time to come on neither of us had phones back then and we had no clue how to use are parents phones so yeahhhh. I started to not play BV anymore really after that I would come on from time to time like over spring, winter, or summer break but not really at all. Well obviously I started playing again or I would not be posted this or even have this blog but that is another story for another BV memory 🙂


An idea. . .

Well I had an Idea that every week I will share one of my bearville memories on this blog. It could be a story or picture depends on how much time I have, what I can find, and what I can remember. Well one of my bearville memories will be coming soon.     Ttyl—-diva